Transitions® Technology

The Only Lens You’ll Ever Need.... Dragon led the industry as the first to introduce goggles with Transitions® self-adjusting lenses. For the 2016-17 winter season, we’re offering even more options. Transitions® lenses automatically change tint in response to changing sunlight and weather conditions. By adapting instantly to the ever-changing demands of the alpine environment, the Transitions® lenses enable riders to see more, react faster, and perform better. Available in our premium spherical X1 & X1s model goggles, we offer Transitions® lens technology in 4 unique base tints: Yellow, Light Rose, Amber, and Clear. As ambient light intensifies, the goggle lens darkens. When ambient light diminishes, the lens tone automatically transitions to a lighter shade. The result: clear, balanced, and hassle-free visibility no matter what changes the weather has in store.