MXV SAND - Break Red with Smoke Lens

Sporting the same new design as its namesake, the Hydro and Sand versions of the MXV are outstanding purpose-built goggles. Both goggles feature foam that is specific to operating in their respective environments. The Sand foam is meant to operate specifically in sandy environments, benefits from the slimmer frame and wider profile, utilizes the same MXV lenses, and are crafted for superior fit and helmet integration.Slim frame profile and wider shape maximise peripheral vision
  • 2x stronger Super Anti-Fog lens coating
  • Element-specific face foam and venting
  • Superior helmet integration
  • 100% UV protection
  • 1.5 inch silicone backed strip
  • Holds up to 28 laminated tear offs
  • Colour - Break Red 
  • Lens Colour - Smoke (VLT - 45%)
  • SKU - 35877-403