AERIAL - Matte Black Lumalens Orange Ionized Lens

  • A soft, rounded lens shape gives the Aerial an easy-to-wear shape, while the substantial upper part of the frame gives off a unique look and adds peripheral sun and glare protection. Precision-crafted, the Aerial is lightweight and durable so it’ll handle anything you throw its way. For those needing additional sun blockage or for those that spend time on the water, the Aerial has you covered.
    • Injection molded plant based resin frame
    • Lumalens colour optimized lenses
    • 6-base polycarbonate lenses
    • Medium fit
    • SKU - 42363-022
    • Lumalens Orange Ionized - Reduces excess blue and yellow light, and eliminates the harmful glare off the water’s surface, creating a comfortable and crystal clear view.